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WEATHER: We may open early on days with great weather, and we may close on days with poor weather.  Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates!


PARKING: Parking on-site is reserved for customers. At this time there is just not enough room to accommodate any additional parking. All cars are required to register at Trailside or they will be towed.


SEATING: The seating area around Trailside is for customers only and is closed to the public. This area is not to be used while Trailside is closed. Unfortunately, there is no outside food allowed in our area. We greatly appreciate everyone adhering to all posted signs and being respectful of our property. Thank you to everyone that makes having this so special!


*On cooler days (60 degrees and cooler) we will be offering a bonfire to roast marshmallows for S'mores, hot cocoa and spice cider!

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